How to create a Backup of Drupal Website?

Keep at-least one backup of your Drupal Website. Dupal Website backing up involves backing up both the site's database and its files. Just for taking file backup doesn't help. Always take database and files backup whenever you take Drupal Website backup.

How to Create a Backup of Drupal?

1) Backing up the Database

Export Database, You can export database using PHPMyAdmin. Make sure that you are exporting same database which you used in Drupal build. You can see the database name in Drupal settings.php file (sites/default/settings.php).

You can use Backup and Migrate module also for exporting database.

2) Backup all your Drupal Website files

Backup you all your Drupal files. You can download files using FTP client. Make sure that you successfully downloaded all Drupal files.

Drupal Website backup best practices

  • Backup the entire site before updating or upgrading.
  • Always clear Drupal cache before you take backup.
  • Save backup files in folder with same day's date.
  • Keep backup copy in different servers.
  • Test the backup build and make sure build is working well.
  • Create Document file for each backups.