How to import and export database using PHPMyAdmin

You can easily create MySQL databases in your localhost or hosting account. You might have seen SQL file when you buy Premium Theme or Free Theme package. You can see 'create database and import' steps in Documentation. How to create database and import? 


If you don't have server or you want test/configure build in local system. You can install XAMP, XAMP is a free and open source cross-platform web server solution stack package.

  1. Start MySQL using XAMP control panel.
  2. Open browser and navigate to PHPMyAdmin (http://localhost/phpmyadmin/).
  3. Enter 'database name' and click 'create'.
  4. Click 'import' and browser database and click 'GO'.

You will get success messgae if successfully imported you database.

Hosting account

  1. Login with Cpanel account.
  2. Scroll down to 'Databases' section.
  3. Click 'MySQL' databases and Enter database name and create Database.
  4. Navigate back to Cpanel -> Databases section.
  5. Click PHPMyAdmin
  6. Choose the Database which you created
  7. Click 'Import' tab, Browse database and click 'Go'.

How to export Database

Exporting database is same for Localhost or Hosting account. Navigate to PHPMyAdmin select database which you want to export and click 'Export' tab and export database.