How To Redirect Mobile Users to Different URL

Responsive Website/Mobile App is very essential part of current Business trend. All top level social media and eCommerce Companies has Mobile Websites. It can be Mobile App or Responsive Website. The biggest advantages of Responsive Website is single website can use in multiple devices like Desktop, Mobile, Tablets etc. But in Mobile App you should develop application for each Mobile platform iOS, Android etc.

Have you tried to access Websites, You will see Mobile User Interface.

Similarly, You can create Mobile Website and redirect to Mobile URL when user access your Website in Mobile.

  1. You should have Mobile Website. Host your Mobile Website under
  2. Redirect Domain to Mobile URL.

Use this JS code in your main Website, Domain will redirect to Mobile URL when the screen width is equal or less than 800px.

if (screen.width <= 800) {
  window.location = "";

How to redirect Drupal Website Mobile users to different URL using Simple Mobile Redirect Module.