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How to Install XAMPP in Windows

XAMPP installation in Windows is very easy, Apache distribution containing MySQL, PHP, and Perl. XAMP software support for website frameworks like Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress etc.

How to import and export database using PHPMyAdmin

You can easily create MySQL databases in your localhost or hosting account. You might have seen SQL file when you buy Premium Theme or Free Theme package. You can see 'create database and import' steps in Documentation. How to create database and import? 

Drupal Modules Install and Uninstall

You can extend or alter Drupal behaviour using Drupal contributed modules. Drupal has many default useful modules like Blog, Contact etc. You just need to enable default module from Drupal Administration -> Modules page(admin/modules).

How to create a Backup of Drupal Website?

Keep at-least one backup of your Drupal Website. Dupal Website backing up involves backing up both the site's database and its files. Just for taking file backup doesn't help. Always take database and files backup whenever you take Drupal Website backup.

Drupal Backup and Migrate Module

Backup and Migrate Module is using to Back-up and restore your Drupal MySQL Database, Code, and Files. It supports gzip, bzip and zip compression. You can schedule the backup operation also.

How to install and configure Drupal Webform

Webform Drupal Module use to make additional forms in Drupal Websites such as Contact Forms, Bookings and Reservation Forms, online surveys etc.

Create a contact form in Drupal site

How to add a contact form in Drupal 7 site using the Drupal contact module. By default Drupal has contact module. Just need to enable module. Not required to install additional module to make contact form.

20 Drupal SEO Modules

Free Drupal SEO Modules. Install and configure these following Modules and make your Free Drupal SEO Modules. Install and configure these following Modules and make your Drupal Website SEO friendly. You cannot make your Website on top ranking in single day.

How do I improve Drupal7 Site performance?

There are many option to increase your Drupal site performance. Many of the developers are not following these best practices. Read this below few tip and keep in mind when you develop drupal projects. 

Add new regions in Drupal 7 themes

Drupal theme regions are specific areas defined in a theme into which we place blocks. We can create several regions based on our layout requirements. You can define the regions in the theme's info file.


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