Drupal Simple Mobile Redirect

How to Redirect Drupal Website mobile users to different URL using Simple Mobile Redirect module? Explained in last Blog about Redirect Mobile Users to Different URL using JavaScript. In Drupal using Simple Mobile Redirect Module, It is very easy to redirect for each Device separately and it has many additional feature too.

Simple Mobile redirect module is a quick and easy way to redirect from main site URL to Mobile Website URL. You can use this module to redirect Drupal Website.

Simple Mobile Redirect Features:

  • Separate Redirects for iPad, iPhone, Andriod, Opera Mini, Blackbery. 
  • Disable Redirect with a Cookie set at [siteroot]/?nomobi=true.
  • Remove the Cookie at [siteroot]/clearsimplemobileredirect (triggers a redirect to mobile site; rel="nofollow" recommended).